Environmental Policy

Dole has a strict environmental policy applicable to its worldwide operations. As per the Company’s Code of Conduct, all employees and key suppliers must sign and comply with this policy.

Dole’s environmental programs are monitored in various ways, including through formal and informal audits, pre-harvest residue analyses and residue monitoring of shipment before delivery to the customers. Dole also provides its independent pineapple and banana growers with direction, technical guidance and training in safety and environmental protection.


Water Management

  • Dole has implemented industry leading programs that teach water recycling methods and processes that reduce overall usage.

Carbon Footprint 

  • We map and analyze our activities in order to locate the sources of carbon emissions and develop alternative practices.

 Soil Conservation

  • Dole is dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality produce, which is only made possible with healthy soil.


  • We follow a "Reuse or Recycle" policy to conserve material, reduce waste and maximize efficiency throughout the supply chain.


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