Dole Fresh Vegetables

Dole Fresh Vegetables

Dole Fresh Vegetables is steeped in a rich agricultural heritage. In fact, our history goes back to the 1940s!

For its customers, Dole Quality Assurance is the Company’s unflagging commitment to providing healthy, high quality, and safe products. Dole commits itself to produce fresh, nourishing fruits and vegetables that are visually appealing, tasty, and safe to eat.

Dole Sources high-quality fresh vegetables from North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

Dole’s Fresh Vegetables segment is divided into two groups: fresh pack vegetables and value-added products.

Fresh Pack Vegetables

Dole sources, harvests, cools, distributes, and, markets more than 30 different varieties of fresh vegetables in North America, Asia, and Europe. These products are grown on both company-owned and contracted farms. Many of Dole’s commodity vegetables are packed in the fields. The unique process reduces handling and increases the product’s quality and consistency.

Value-added Salads

Dole produces and markets a growing line of salads that feature unique packaging with appetite appeal and a recognizable appearance. There are different categories customers can find on the market: Fresh Discoveries, Fresh Favorites, and Fresh Organics.

North America Loading and Processing Location Map


Find detailed information about our products and their nutrition benefits, please visit Dole Food Company.

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